Abortion Recovery

Do you have secret sorrows, but no one to share them with? We offer compassionate answers with complete confidentiality.


Are you hurting from secret sorrows due to your abortion(s) such as: anger, nightmares or flashbacks, guilt or shame, and regrets? Maybe you are experiencing other problems from your abortion. We offer compassionate answers with complete confidentiality.


We recognize that not every woman who has had an abortion will understand the symptoms of their abortion experience. At the Center, we have a self-test so you can evaluate the symptoms of your past abortions. However, for those that do, The Center volunteers will be here to help.


Options available to assist you:

  A pamphlet on the steps to being healed emotionally.

  A video to minister to your heart.

  A session to listen, share and do a self-test to see if you are experiencing trauma after your abortion.

  A one-on-one ministry by someone who has been there (in person or by phone).


Don’t be trapped by fear, anger or depression any longer. Choose to take the first step with one of the above options. Let us share God’s mercy and love with you. As always, there is no fee for our services.


Call The Center (940-322-4883) for a Healing Touch facilitator. You can also email us at thecenterwf@gmail.com for information.


Further information can be found at:

  www.healinghearts.org for post-abortion information

  www.nationalhelpline.org for abortion recovery