Parent your child:

Being a parent can be challenging. We are here to help you. We have educational classes that are FREE— A six-week parenting class called Just One Mom to Another in a supportive environment, to develop parenting skills to promote healthy parent and child relationships. The class meets weekly and is composed of expectant moms and mentors. Upon completion of the class, each mom receives a small laundry basket of new, necessary baby items besides receiving weekly gifts that pertain to the weekly topic.


On the Second Thursday evening of each month we provide FREE prenatal classes taught by a childbirth educator on such topics as: Exercise and nutrition; mental, emotional, and physical relaxation; fetal development; choices in childbirth; things Dad, friends, and/or family can do to support mom during pregnancy, labor and postpartum; comfort measures for each stage of labor; and postpartum considerations and new baby care.

Place your child with loving parents, Adoption:

You might be in the group of pregnant women who think that you are unable at this point to provide for your child appropriately. WE DO NOT ENDORSE A SPECIFIC ADOPTION AGENCY. WE GAIN NOTHING FROM DISCUSSING ADOPTION PLANS. Adoption is different from what it was 20 years ago. Birth mothers are able to choose suitable families for their child. You can choose a plan that allows you to keep updated about your child at agreed upon intervals. We have several suitable referrals for adoptions.

•  Inheritance Adoption

•  Christian Homes and Family Services

•  Lutheran Social Services


An abortion is either a chemical or a surgical procedure. RU486 is a chemical procedure. The morning after pill is a chemical procedure. Both of the chemical procedures have some side effects.


If you’re thinking about finding an abortion clinic, it is important to remember abortion is a medical procedure. What type will you have? What are the risks? You deserve to know—you owe it to yourself to make an informed decision.


Perhaps you’re thinking:

  The father is insisting on an abortion

  I’m not ready to be a parent

  I can’t tell anyone I’m pregnant

For more info on abortion go to Abortion Education.

We know exactly how you feel and you’re not alone.